One Piece chap 982: Scoundrel meets scoundrel / Eng. Review

One Piece 982 : link

In Onigashima Palace, Kaido and Orochi party and drink with Tobiroppo Black Maria when Kanjuro appears with a bloody Momonosuke. The traitor tells them that their plan has failed, however the shogun’s spies only know about Kid and Luffy’s arrival. This news frightens to the utmost the usurper who decides to put an end to this nightmare once and for all by publicly executing Oden’s son. 

Orochi Decides to Execute Momonosuke

At the same time, Nekomamushi warns the Red Scabbards, who are with Law, of his presence on Wano. On the side of the Southern Army, Tobiroppo Sasaki is easily chained by Denjiro, because he believed, wrongly, that he had to deal with Kyoshiro the shogun’s guard dog.  

Sasaki was tricked by Denjiro!

Meanwhile, in the Pleasure Quarter, Big Mom pursues Chopper and Usopp, because she wants to get her hands on their captain at all costs. Taking advantage of this, Kinemon and his samurai continue on their way while Nami and his group are spotted by Prometheus

Prometheus alert Big Mom

Inside the castle, the two Tobiroppos Ulti and Page One are also looking for Yamato, Kaido’s son. And the work seems complicated for the user of the spinosaurus fruit, because his partner can’t help but have tantrums. And it is during this imbroglio that the two companions end up facing Luffy. 

Confrontation of the strong heads

A pleasant chapter in the continuation of 981 with, nevertheless, a little more plot development. It reveals that Momonosuke tried to escape from Kanjuro, but Kanjuro didn’t let him do it and almost killed him by beating him. Orochi, terrified at the idea of losing his power by learning the failure of his operation, decides to execute Oden’s son. What will be the reaction of the Red Scabbards? And Luffy’s? In the pleasure district, nothing goes right anymore! If Big Mom goes after Usopp and Chopper, it’s worth noting that she doesn’t seem to blame them, only Luffy. A clever way for Oda to tell us that the Younko remembers the kindness of the Mugiwaras’ reindeer? On his side, Nami has been spotted by Prometheus who hastens to warn Mama. Will the latter stop chasing the two unlucky ones and turn to the navigator? Small disappointment on the side of Sasaki who was chained up quite easily by Denjiro. Then we get to the climax of this chapter, the confrontation of the two cheeky ones: Luffy and Ulti. The Tobiroppo forms a pleasant duet with Page One and seems to do as it pleases. Faced with another strong head, the result can only be explosive. Can’t wait for the 983 that will be released next week, because G-Oda is not taking a break. 

One Piece chap 981: War Reinforcement/ Eng. Review

French link to scan: One Piece chap 981: War Reinforcement

In the courtyard of Kaido Castle, Kid, Luffy, Zoro and Killer are attacked from everywhere. Of course, by the Pleasures and other minions, but also by a Numbers, Hatcha. While all this merry mess is taking place, the Who’s Who tobiroppo has gathered his men. He’s not interested in tracking down troublemakers, his priority is to find Yamato. 

Hatcha, the first Numbers being introduced to us

In the east of the island, Kinemon, his samurai and a few mugiwaras cross the completely empty pleasure district, for the misfortune of Sanji. He decides to separate his troops to attack Kaido from two sides. In the meantime, Nami, Karotte and Shinobu propose to go and rescue Momonosuke. While everyone leaves on his side, Kinemon’s group is surprised by one person who stayed behind. Well, surprised is a big word since almost all of them have time to hide in the water… Only Chopper and his tank didn’t react. He thus finds himself face to face with his worst nightmare: Big Mom. 

Poor Chopper…

At the same time, at the entrance to Wano, her crew was forced to go back through the waterfall to join their captain on Onigashima. They are annoyed by the welcome King had reserved for them, astonished by this alliance with Kaido, but they only want one thing… to get their hands on Luffy to take revenge for the affront. Unfortunately for them, they’re not about to make it, because this time it’s Marco the Phoenix who sends them back to square one. He has finally decided to come, and he’s not alone, Nekomamushi and Izou are there too. 

Enter Marco the Phoenix

An excellent chapter full of action, humour, revelation, in short a perfect development of the plot. First of all, we learn that Apoo was an infiltrator of Kaido from the beginning of his alliance with Kid, then Killer explains how his power works. Oda finally shows us a Numbers, the number 8, and he’ s gigantic! Kinemon decides to modify his initial plans by splitting his troops into three groups and, as everyone knows, a plan announced to the reader is a plan that will fail, and it didn’t take long for that, with an unexpected face to face between Chopper and Big Mom. And to finish in beauty, the appearance of Marco, Nekomamushi and Izou! We all knew that Whitebeard’s second-in-command would be part of the attack, but it was surprising to see him so early on. Maybe it’s just to say to the reader, ‘Don’t worry, Marco is here’, but he will only take action when it’s time to save the house. 

Anyway, no breaks next week. A great chapter… that’ s what the people are asking for! Long live One Piece! 

Mishima, my death is my masterpiece…

Mishima is one of the greatest authors of the 20th century. A monument to literature and my favorite writer. The little I knew of his life I learned it from his Confession of a Mask [an autobiographical novel] and Forbidden Love [a fiction in which Mishima seems to have transcribed a way of life that was his]… And also, I must shamefully admit, from his Wikipedia page. 

So, while I was wandering through my favourite bookstore looking for something to read in celebration of the reopening, I came across Weber and Li-An’s graphic novel, Mishima—My Death is My Masterpiece. A black-and-white comic depicting the life of the famous man of letters. I had just found the grail! I needed it! So I bought it right away. 

Forty minutes was all I needed to devour the 247 pages of the book. I rediscovered the artist, I rediscovered his work. Humanist as I am, I was astonished to appreciate, again and again, this figure that I thought was patriotic, but who was only a nationalist fanatic. A pastist idealizing the times of the glorious Japanese Empire, vomiting on the modernity of his country and devoting an unhealthy fascination to death. 

Movie foreshadowing the end of Mishima

In spite of everything, my heart and soul could not reject these writings… This pathetic character, because that’s what he was, through the multiple masks of his life made his books more precious to me. 

Discovering these different facets did not make me espouse his nationalist aspirations and convictions. They are disgusting to me! But they made me understand that in every man can coexist the sublime and the despicable. Mishima is the story of a person who has spent his life living in characters. 

Mishima—My Death is my masterpiece by Weber and Li-An, West Wind edition.

One Piece 979: « Family problems.  » / Eng. Review

Link Manga Plus: One Piece 979: « Family problems.  » 

The raid has finally begun at Onigashima. Kinemon leads the charge to the east, Denjiro the south while Law carries the rest of the Red Scabbards across the sea bed. Thus more than 5,000 men are about to attack an enemy alliance in full festivity while Kanjuro and his hostage Momonosuke, who took a secret passage to reach Orochi, seem to be lost.

Onygashima’s maps

Meanwhile, the Mugiwaras are also preparing for action. While Fanky is getting out the vehicles, it’s the innocent Jimbei who informs the crew that Luffy has gone to warn Kid about Kinemon’s plan and that Zoro has followed him to tell him to be discreet… which could be translated : « Luffy will surely be spotted and Zoro will get lost » !!!! After that, they gave themselves as an instruction to meet at the back of the island. 

Luffy and Zoro already left the crew

On the castle side, Kaido welcomes the Tobiroppo. He explains to them that the one who summoned them is not him, but King. The latter used the name of the younko to make sure that they are all there. The captain of the Hundred Beasts then asks them to find his son Yamato. Whoever succeeds could challenge one of the Okanban to take his place.

Kaido asks the Tobiroppos to bring his son Yamato back to him.

At the same time, Luffy has just arrived in the courtyard of the castle where the enemy troops are celebrating. While looking for Kid, he finds himself confronted by a band of soldiers who are having fun wasting the surplus food and mocking the Okobore people, which makes Luffy angry. 

Luffy looks pretty pissed off!

An interesting chapter that gets us to the heart of the matter. The map of the island, which locates the different factions during the battles of the Mugiwaras, has been revealed by Oda, proof that we are in the final act of this arc. As usual, Luffy has gone his own way, just like Zoro, which suggests future problems for the alliance of our heroes. And who could that shadow be that was watching the crew from a hidden spot ? 

who is this shadow?

 As for Kaido, it’s interesting to learn that the surprise has something to do with his son Yamato, who disappeared. So he instructs his Tobiroppo to bring him back and, as an important detail, Black Maria explains that it’s not going to be easy, for what reason? His strength? His ingenuity? And, who knows, maybe this boy doesn’t validate the actions of his father and that he, by the greatest chance of course, befriends Luffy or Zoro. Another good piece of information, the hierarchy in the younko’s crew is governed by force, to rise in rank you have to challenge a superior and beat him. 

One Piece will be on break next week, back in two weeks. 

*SPOILER ENG* One Piece chap. 979

(Thanks to source DC One Gal)

The new One Piece spoilers have just arrived, and this chapter 979 is likely to be interesting. According to what leaked out, Kanjuro never went to Onigashima. Kaido’s son would finally be revealed. There would be a challenge system that would allow the Tobi Roppo and the All Stars to be challenged for one of their places. King called the Tobi Roppo by pretending to be Kaido. And the Tobi Roppo belonged to other pirate’s crews before joining Kaido’s one.

One Piece 978: First appearance of the Tobiroppo/ Eng. Review

One Piece Chap.978 : Link

Kinemon and Denjiro will join the samurais

The rebel fleet continues on its way to the party site on Onigashima. Part of the Red Scabbards have left to circumnavigate the island with Law’s submarine. Kinemon and Denjiro stayed with the samurai. 

Even Kid’s crew gets Kinemon’s makeover.

Arriving in the bay of the island, the enemy doesn’t expect a landing. The few opponents who notice it are quickly put out by Usopp. Kinemon decides that there will be no turning back, whether the attack succeeds or not. And to back up his claims, he sinks all the samurai boats. Thanks to the power of his demon fruit, he makes all the rebels dress up in the uniform of the Yunko’s henchmen. 

MC Queen is in the house!

Meanwhile, in Onigashima castle, Queen plays the MC and all the troops are in a good mood. The only group not participating is the Tobiroppo. They are not taking part. Numbering six, they are waiting for Kaido, getting confused for nothing. 

The entire Tobiroppo!

An average chapter: neither bad nor good. The story goes on, the rebel troops have just landed dressed as Kaido’s crew. The only interest of the chapter is the presentation of the six Tobiroppo. We already knew two of them, X Drake and Page One. Now we can add the names of Ulti, who looks like a hell of a character, Who’s Who, Black Maria, an impressively tall woman, and Sasaki, who looks like a fish man. Curiously, all these characters, except X Drake, are adorned with horns, does that have any meaning? In the meantime, we still don’t know the members of the « Numbers » or who Kaido’s son is?

 Maybe for the next chapter…  

My Hero Academia ep.25: His Start / Eng. Review

Endeavor versus the mighty brainless

Faced with a nomu stronger and faster than him, Endeavor is in trouble. What’s more, the monster speaks and seems to think for himself! So, while the two opponents are having a blast, Hawk tries to minimize human and material damage before giving the flame hero a helping hand. Wanting no interference during his fight, the hooded brainless expels Whites nomus from his body to keep help away. 

Hawk handles the White Nomu

Despite his powerful attacks, Endeavor is pushed into his entrenchments, wounded. All signs suggest that he is going to lose, causing panic among civilians and journalists who are witnessing the confrontation. 

Endeavor in a bad position

While all hope seems to be gone, the only one who continues to fight with all his might is Endeavor. A stubbornness that made him the only hero to have sought to surpass All Might. Hawk, too, is not about to give up, but, aware that he doesn’t have the strength to defeat the enemy, he has decided to help the man he has always admired. 

Endeavor was the only one looking to surpass All Might…

Conventional attacks are ineffective, Endeavor must go beyond its limits, « Plus Ultra ». He must give more than he has.  Taking the nomu to a distance that will allow him not to endanger the population, he launches a « Prominence Burn » of incredible power! 

« Prominence Burn! »

The whole world is holding its breath! And it is emerging from the flames, fist raised in the air, adopting the pose of All Might that the new number one announces his victory and at the same time sends a message: a new symbol of peace has just made its debut!

Endeavor in the victory pose

The relief is general in UA, especially for Shôto. After witnessing this fight, Deku understands that heroes will never stop fighting evil and that they, students of UA, must be ready to carry this burden! 

Midoriya meets in the middle of a dream the first receptacle of One for All

Late at night, while everyone is asleep, Midoriya wakes up violently after having a strange dream where the previous deceased vessels of One for All are present. They are all there watching All for One seeming to give the powerful Qirk to his younger brother. Then the latter turns to Deku simply saying « So you’re the ninth ».  

A superb episode which concludes perfectly this fourth season.  Hirokoshi manages each time, and with prowess, to create moments of perfect catharsis in which secondary characters momentarily take the first place. As is the case here with Endeavor. Since the beginning of the manga, the author shows us how horrible of a father, Shoto’s dad is. He is authoritarian, obsessive, and he even pushed his wife into depression. When it comes to writing a story, the mangaka is second to none this character.

Endeavor is like any person in real life: full of flaws. And as in life, he grows through his experiences, his mistakes, his achievements and his encounters. This is Hirokoshi’s talent to create complex and interesting characters and especially not Manichean: a good development to keep it simple. In this episode, he is finally in that spot his had been dreaming of for so long, that of number 1. But succeeding All Might as the new symbol of peace is far from being a sinecure. He, who has been obsessed with this ranking all his life, realized thanks to his son Shoto and All Might that he was on the wrong path, and that he had to change, to evolve.

On the road to redemption, he faces a nomu of unparalleled power and with a personality that sends him back to what he was, to what he could have become. If he wants to move forward, he must face his past. 

Grand finale of this last season, a 5th to be announced now and, given the post-generic scene we were shown, it’s a good bet that we’ll learn more about One for All, as well as the previous shows.

One Piece chap. 976: Allow me to introduce myself/ Eng. Review

 Scantrad: One Piece chap. 976 link.

Kinemon understood absolutely nothing

Kinemon didn’t plan this. All the Red Scabbards, except for Denjiro, realized it. But don’t worry, even if it’s just luck, it’s okay, because they’re ready to risk their lives. 

Sitting on the crane he has just made, Kanjuro draws a huge black cloud that makes arrows rain down.

For now, Momonosuke is still in Kanjuro’s hands, and Kanjuro is getting ready to escape. Kawamatsu rushes at the traitor to stop him, but the deceitful man had planned it by drawing a beautiful crane to escape  and, in the process, he drew a cloud of ink raining down drops in the shape of arrows. This man has kept the extent of his power well hidden from everyone!

It’ s a promise, Luffy will save his life…

Seeing the position in which his kidnapping has put the rebellion, Momonosuke shouts to everyone that he will get out of it alone and that they should not lose sight of their primary objectives: defeat Kaido and Orochi! A  » manly  » behavior for Luffy who shouts back that he has to survive, because he will definitely come to save him!

The cannons made in Wano allow them to fire without fear of being hit in turn.

Then, the course is set for Onigashima. Of Kaido’s three warships that were there, only one remains. Turning back, everyone thought he was running away. But he had just put himself at a safe distance to protect himself from the rebel fire and armed with Wano-made super cannons, began to sink the coalition ships.

A strange attack from the sea drilled through Kaido’s boat

A position that puts Luffy’s allies at a great disadvantage, as they find themselves losing ships and being unable to prevent this. But, coming out of nowhere and destroying Kaido’s last warship, Jinbe, the paladin of the seas, keeps his promise made in Wholecake Island to his captain and joins the Mugiwaras, in front of Kid and Law’s dumbfounded gaze!

Jinbe finally joins the Mugiwara.

A pretty good chapter overall.We’ll remember that Kinemon misunderstood the coded message and that Kanjuro hid the extent of his powers from his former partners.  Importantly, Momonosuke’s character has evolved, gaining in prestige and courage, as Luffy had advised him to do, which he didn’t fail to approve of. This character is beginning to gain depth and may become very interesting in the future. And for the highlight of the show, the final twist of this chapter: the return of Jinbe! The Mugiwaras’ crew is finally complete, and with this arrival, it positions itself, without a doubt, as the most formidable pirate group of the three gathered, which is confirmed by the disbelief of Kid and Law. Next week, we’ll probably get a little flashback from the forme Warlord on « how he escaped from Big Mom ».

Scantrad: One Piece chap. 976 link.

*SPOILER ENG* One Piece chap. 976

For this new issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump, #19, we have the return of One Piece with a magazine cover where Luffy, Roger and Oden, the three GOATs of the series (;)) toast with what seems to be beer. On top of that, we also get a full-colour double page of Oda sensei featuring Tontatas, helped by some mugiwara, fixing shoes on the Sunny. As for this week’s spoilers, there is only one picture, but what a picture! Hopefully this will allow you to wait until tomorrow to welcome chapter 976 on which our friends from Scantrad are currently working on. 

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Jinbe’s return
Weekly Shonen Jump #19 with Luffy, Roger and Oden

News of the day. ENG : 03.31.2020

Death Note the rerere-re-rere-return!

Death Note by Hiroo Sawai

On this April 1st, on this fool day, Shonen Jump Plus launches a campaign around Hiroo Sawai’s famous « Bobobo-bo bo-bobo ». For this occasion, a 2008 version of Death Note by the father of the master of Hanaga Shinken (the divine fist of the nose hair) is brought back to life

Link :

Bobobo-bo bo-bobo Death Note version! 

Bobobo-bo bo-bobo by Takeshi Obata

Still related to the Shonen Jump Plus campaign for this April fool, a 2008 OneShot special of « Bobobo-bo bo-bobo » but drawn by Takeshi Obata (Death Note; Bakuman).

Link :

Ranking Weekly Shonen Jump #18 2020

News of the day. ENG : 03.31.2020

Here’s the Weekly Shonen Jump’s ranking of #18 2020. We can see the good performance of Chainsaw Man, in 4th place. As for the top trio, no real surprise. On the other hand, a small dip for Jujustu Kaisen and Black Clover, but nothing too bad. For the last place, we once again found Zipman !!. Subscribed to the last places, the series might end. 

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Cover and color pages to celebrate the 200th chapter)

1. Dr. Stone

2. My Hero Academia

3. The Promised Neverland

4. Chainsaw Man

5. Haikyu!

6. We Never Learn

7. Mashle

Act-Age (color pages)

8. Undead Unluck

9. Jujutsu Kaisen

10. Mitama Ghost Security (color pages)

11. Yuna of the Yuragi posada

12. Black Clover

13. Agravity Boys

14. Guardian of the Witch

Ginnan Girls (color pages. One-shot)

15. Yozakura-san Chi no Daisakusen

16. Zipman!

*The series « color pages » don’t fit in the ranking. 

The next Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball is postponed to May.

Postponement of release for the next Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball HISTORY OF RIVALS lottery. Initially scheduled for March 28, 2020, it should finally be released on May 9, 2020. An interesting lottery, because, in addition to the Yamcha and Broly normal form DBS figurine (rather rare characters in figurines), we will be able to win a brand new range of small figurines, the « Dragon Archives ».