One Piece chap 982: Scoundrel meets scoundrel / Eng. Review

One Piece 982 : link

In Onigashima Palace, Kaido and Orochi party and drink with Tobiroppo Black Maria when Kanjuro appears with a bloody Momonosuke. The traitor tells them that their plan has failed, however the shogun’s spies only know about Kid and Luffy’s arrival. This news frightens to the utmost the usurper who decides to put an end to this nightmare once and for all by publicly executing Oden’s son. 

Orochi Decides to Execute Momonosuke

At the same time, Nekomamushi warns the Red Scabbards, who are with Law, of his presence on Wano. On the side of the Southern Army, Tobiroppo Sasaki is easily chained by Denjiro, because he believed, wrongly, that he had to deal with Kyoshiro the shogun’s guard dog.  

Sasaki was tricked by Denjiro!

Meanwhile, in the Pleasure Quarter, Big Mom pursues Chopper and Usopp, because she wants to get her hands on their captain at all costs. Taking advantage of this, Kinemon and his samurai continue on their way while Nami and his group are spotted by Prometheus

Prometheus alert Big Mom

Inside the castle, the two Tobiroppos Ulti and Page One are also looking for Yamato, Kaido’s son. And the work seems complicated for the user of the spinosaurus fruit, because his partner can’t help but have tantrums. And it is during this imbroglio that the two companions end up facing Luffy. 

Confrontation of the strong heads

A pleasant chapter in the continuation of 981 with, nevertheless, a little more plot development. It reveals that Momonosuke tried to escape from Kanjuro, but Kanjuro didn’t let him do it and almost killed him by beating him. Orochi, terrified at the idea of losing his power by learning the failure of his operation, decides to execute Oden’s son. What will be the reaction of the Red Scabbards? And Luffy’s? In the pleasure district, nothing goes right anymore! If Big Mom goes after Usopp and Chopper, it’s worth noting that she doesn’t seem to blame them, only Luffy. A clever way for Oda to tell us that the Younko remembers the kindness of the Mugiwaras’ reindeer? On his side, Nami has been spotted by Prometheus who hastens to warn Mama. Will the latter stop chasing the two unlucky ones and turn to the navigator? Small disappointment on the side of Sasaki who was chained up quite easily by Denjiro. Then we get to the climax of this chapter, the confrontation of the two cheeky ones: Luffy and Ulti. The Tobiroppo forms a pleasant duet with Page One and seems to do as it pleases. Faced with another strong head, the result can only be explosive. Can’t wait for the 983 that will be released next week, because G-Oda is not taking a break. 

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