One Piece chap 981: War Reinforcement/ Eng. Review

French link to scan: One Piece chap 981: War Reinforcement

In the courtyard of Kaido Castle, Kid, Luffy, Zoro and Killer are attacked from everywhere. Of course, by the Pleasures and other minions, but also by a Numbers, Hatcha. While all this merry mess is taking place, the Who’s Who tobiroppo has gathered his men. He’s not interested in tracking down troublemakers, his priority is to find Yamato. 

Hatcha, the first Numbers being introduced to us

In the east of the island, Kinemon, his samurai and a few mugiwaras cross the completely empty pleasure district, for the misfortune of Sanji. He decides to separate his troops to attack Kaido from two sides. In the meantime, Nami, Karotte and Shinobu propose to go and rescue Momonosuke. While everyone leaves on his side, Kinemon’s group is surprised by one person who stayed behind. Well, surprised is a big word since almost all of them have time to hide in the water… Only Chopper and his tank didn’t react. He thus finds himself face to face with his worst nightmare: Big Mom. 

Poor Chopper…

At the same time, at the entrance to Wano, her crew was forced to go back through the waterfall to join their captain on Onigashima. They are annoyed by the welcome King had reserved for them, astonished by this alliance with Kaido, but they only want one thing… to get their hands on Luffy to take revenge for the affront. Unfortunately for them, they’re not about to make it, because this time it’s Marco the Phoenix who sends them back to square one. He has finally decided to come, and he’s not alone, Nekomamushi and Izou are there too. 

Enter Marco the Phoenix

An excellent chapter full of action, humour, revelation, in short a perfect development of the plot. First of all, we learn that Apoo was an infiltrator of Kaido from the beginning of his alliance with Kid, then Killer explains how his power works. Oda finally shows us a Numbers, the number 8, and he’ s gigantic! Kinemon decides to modify his initial plans by splitting his troops into three groups and, as everyone knows, a plan announced to the reader is a plan that will fail, and it didn’t take long for that, with an unexpected face to face between Chopper and Big Mom. And to finish in beauty, the appearance of Marco, Nekomamushi and Izou! We all knew that Whitebeard’s second-in-command would be part of the attack, but it was surprising to see him so early on. Maybe it’s just to say to the reader, ‘Don’t worry, Marco is here’, but he will only take action when it’s time to save the house. 

Anyway, no breaks next week. A great chapter… that’ s what the people are asking for! Long live One Piece! 

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