One Piece chap 980: Music that hits hard! Eng. review

Scantrad link: One Piece chap 980: Music that hits hard!

And an Elephant Gun to beat the crap out of everyone!

In the courtyard of Kaido Castle, Luffy is in a furious rage! « How can these soldiers play with food when the people of Wano are starving! He’s going to make them regret it!  »In doing so, he punishes the men who had irritated him, creating a ruckus that makes him spotted by Queen and Apoo and makes Kid say that this captain is unconscious. It is at this moment that Zoro decides to make his entrance. 

Like captain, like right-hand man!

And what an entrance !!! Roronoa style building cutting ! If our swordsman is at first annoyed by Luffy’s attitude, very quickly he takes his side when he hears the reasons of this incident !

Who’s Queen talking about?

Queen takes advantage of this scene to try to get rid of one of the Tobiroppos by offering the position in question to the one who would capture the two troublemakers. The escape of our heroes is compromised because, in addition to the gifters, Apoo also goes after them. And to say the least, his power is a total enigma to the two mugiwaras, who find themselves having to deal with blows they don’t know the origin of. 

Luffy and Zoro don’t understand these attacks!

It is at this moment that, emerging from the crowd, Kid rushes madly (he who criticized Luffy and Zoro for the same behavior!) on the traitor who is at the origin of all the misfortunes of his crew. And, with an overpowering attack, the « Punk Gibson », he crushes Apoo surprised by this sudden appearance ! 

Kid’s revenge!

A chapter full of energy and testosterone. Very pleasant to read! Too quickly read! We only have one scene, in one place: the courtyard of Kaido Castle. And the characters’ behaviors are eagerly awaited… But it works! And, despite the predictable attitudes, we were able to see Apoo’s powers in action. Terribly effective powers. In addition, an interesting information is revealed to us: Queen wants to get rid of one of the Tobiroppos! What’s the reason for that? Does he suspect a traitor? 

We’ll find out in the next few weeks. 

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