One Piece 979: « Family problems.  » / Eng. Review

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The raid has finally begun at Onigashima. Kinemon leads the charge to the east, Denjiro the south while Law carries the rest of the Red Scabbards across the sea bed. Thus more than 5,000 men are about to attack an enemy alliance in full festivity while Kanjuro and his hostage Momonosuke, who took a secret passage to reach Orochi, seem to be lost.

Onygashima’s maps

Meanwhile, the Mugiwaras are also preparing for action. While Fanky is getting out the vehicles, it’s the innocent Jimbei who informs the crew that Luffy has gone to warn Kid about Kinemon’s plan and that Zoro has followed him to tell him to be discreet… which could be translated : « Luffy will surely be spotted and Zoro will get lost » !!!! After that, they gave themselves as an instruction to meet at the back of the island. 

Luffy and Zoro already left the crew

On the castle side, Kaido welcomes the Tobiroppo. He explains to them that the one who summoned them is not him, but King. The latter used the name of the younko to make sure that they are all there. The captain of the Hundred Beasts then asks them to find his son Yamato. Whoever succeeds could challenge one of the Okanban to take his place.

Kaido asks the Tobiroppos to bring his son Yamato back to him.

At the same time, Luffy has just arrived in the courtyard of the castle where the enemy troops are celebrating. While looking for Kid, he finds himself confronted by a band of soldiers who are having fun wasting the surplus food and mocking the Okobore people, which makes Luffy angry. 

Luffy looks pretty pissed off!

An interesting chapter that gets us to the heart of the matter. The map of the island, which locates the different factions during the battles of the Mugiwaras, has been revealed by Oda, proof that we are in the final act of this arc. As usual, Luffy has gone his own way, just like Zoro, which suggests future problems for the alliance of our heroes. And who could that shadow be that was watching the crew from a hidden spot ? 

who is this shadow?

 As for Kaido, it’s interesting to learn that the surprise has something to do with his son Yamato, who disappeared. So he instructs his Tobiroppo to bring him back and, as an important detail, Black Maria explains that it’s not going to be easy, for what reason? His strength? His ingenuity? And, who knows, maybe this boy doesn’t validate the actions of his father and that he, by the greatest chance of course, befriends Luffy or Zoro. Another good piece of information, the hierarchy in the younko’s crew is governed by force, to rise in rank you have to challenge a superior and beat him. 

One Piece will be on break next week, back in two weeks. 

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