One Piece 978: First appearance of the Tobiroppo/ Eng. Review

One Piece Chap.978 : Link

Kinemon and Denjiro will join the samurais

The rebel fleet continues on its way to the party site on Onigashima. Part of the Red Scabbards have left to circumnavigate the island with Law’s submarine. Kinemon and Denjiro stayed with the samurai. 

Even Kid’s crew gets Kinemon’s makeover.

Arriving in the bay of the island, the enemy doesn’t expect a landing. The few opponents who notice it are quickly put out by Usopp. Kinemon decides that there will be no turning back, whether the attack succeeds or not. And to back up his claims, he sinks all the samurai boats. Thanks to the power of his demon fruit, he makes all the rebels dress up in the uniform of the Yunko’s henchmen. 

MC Queen is in the house!

Meanwhile, in Onigashima castle, Queen plays the MC and all the troops are in a good mood. The only group not participating is the Tobiroppo. They are not taking part. Numbering six, they are waiting for Kaido, getting confused for nothing. 

The entire Tobiroppo!

An average chapter: neither bad nor good. The story goes on, the rebel troops have just landed dressed as Kaido’s crew. The only interest of the chapter is the presentation of the six Tobiroppo. We already knew two of them, X Drake and Page One. Now we can add the names of Ulti, who looks like a hell of a character, Who’s Who, Black Maria, an impressively tall woman, and Sasaki, who looks like a fish man. Curiously, all these characters, except X Drake, are adorned with horns, does that have any meaning? In the meantime, we still don’t know the members of the « Numbers » or who Kaido’s son is?

 Maybe for the next chapter…  

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