One Piece chap. 977: The banquet is not for now!!!/Eng. Review

Scantrad: One Piece chap. 977

For the Mugiwaras, Jinbe’s arrival should be celebrated.

The Mugiwaras are finally complete and to celebrate this they want to celebrate with a toast. On Law’s submarine, Kinemon explains to Sicilion and Hyogoro, respectively the head of the minks and samurai for this attack, the strategy. While listening to him, Denjiro thinks it is a maneuver to mislead the enemy and wants to hear the real one. But the leader of the Red Scabbards has no other! Luckily for him, Law had prepared one. One that takes into account the bold characters of Kid and Luffy… The former Kyoshiro knew that  Kinemon had a better strategy. 

Denjiro overestimates Kinemon

While everyone is discussing how to penetrate Onigashima, Denjiro remembers that the front gate of the island is an over-armed Kaido vanguard ! It was without counting on Zoro’s truffle dog smell, which, following the scent of alcohol, knew how to guide the Sunny to this outpost, which the Mugiwaras have reduced to nothing ! Taking advantage of this opening, the other hotheaded pirate Kid doubles Luffy and takes the lead, to the great displeasure of the Straw Hat. 

The poor vanguard had no chance…

On the enemy’s side, the party is in full swing. The booze is flowing. Kaido wants to see his son, he would like him to join the festivities. They announce the arrival of the six Tobi-Roppo requested by the Younko. He wishes to present them to Big Mom, the latter being absent for the moment, because she is currently changing kimono. 

So Kaido has a son?!!

An average chapter. Jinbe’s joyful return to the Straw Hat crew and their recklessness in the face of the danger ahead of them is, of course, typical of the gang, but a little out of step with the tone the story had taken. In spite of that, a few points are worth remembering. The first is the action plan put in place by Law, which seems to take into account the incapacity of the Mugiwaras to follow a proper plan, hoping that, for once, it will serve a purpose in the story and that the conclusion of this arc won’t be a sudden stroke of luck. 

The new « Monster Trio »?

The second point, which is certainly only a detail, but which could be important for the visibility of some characters in the future, is the arrival of Jinbe in the crew. The « Monster Trio » that Luffy-Zoro-Sanji formed may change a bit. Proof of this is the panel where Luffy, Zoro and Jinbe are joined together in an attack on the vanguard. By the way, note also that Jinbe appears just after Luffy. A clue to his ranking in the crew? We’ll know it soon enough with the development that will take place in the next chapters.

What do the Tobi-Roppos look like?

The third point is the future introduction of the six Tobi-Roppo to Big Mom. With this move, Kaido, despite the fact that he is his ally, seeks to show her his most powerful strike force. And last point, the announcement of a new arrival, that of a character that nobody was expecting: Kaido’s son! Who is he? Does he share his father’s character, or is he his total opposite? And above all, is he someone we already know, because many people in the One Piece community joked about Katakuri being the child of the two emperors: what if it was true?

A little special mention to Zoro who, unable to orientate himself properly, was able to guide his comrades towards alcohol! 

No chapter next week.

Scantrad: One Piece chap. 977 

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