My Hero Academia ep.25: His Start / Eng. Review

Endeavor versus the mighty brainless

Faced with a nomu stronger and faster than him, Endeavor is in trouble. What’s more, the monster speaks and seems to think for himself! So, while the two opponents are having a blast, Hawk tries to minimize human and material damage before giving the flame hero a helping hand. Wanting no interference during his fight, the hooded brainless expels Whites nomus from his body to keep help away. 

Hawk handles the White Nomu

Despite his powerful attacks, Endeavor is pushed into his entrenchments, wounded. All signs suggest that he is going to lose, causing panic among civilians and journalists who are witnessing the confrontation. 

Endeavor in a bad position

While all hope seems to be gone, the only one who continues to fight with all his might is Endeavor. A stubbornness that made him the only hero to have sought to surpass All Might. Hawk, too, is not about to give up, but, aware that he doesn’t have the strength to defeat the enemy, he has decided to help the man he has always admired. 

Endeavor was the only one looking to surpass All Might…

Conventional attacks are ineffective, Endeavor must go beyond its limits, « Plus Ultra ». He must give more than he has.  Taking the nomu to a distance that will allow him not to endanger the population, he launches a « Prominence Burn » of incredible power! 

« Prominence Burn! »

The whole world is holding its breath! And it is emerging from the flames, fist raised in the air, adopting the pose of All Might that the new number one announces his victory and at the same time sends a message: a new symbol of peace has just made its debut!

Endeavor in the victory pose

The relief is general in UA, especially for Shôto. After witnessing this fight, Deku understands that heroes will never stop fighting evil and that they, students of UA, must be ready to carry this burden! 

Midoriya meets in the middle of a dream the first receptacle of One for All

Late at night, while everyone is asleep, Midoriya wakes up violently after having a strange dream where the previous deceased vessels of One for All are present. They are all there watching All for One seeming to give the powerful Qirk to his younger brother. Then the latter turns to Deku simply saying « So you’re the ninth ».  

A superb episode which concludes perfectly this fourth season.  Hirokoshi manages each time, and with prowess, to create moments of perfect catharsis in which secondary characters momentarily take the first place. As is the case here with Endeavor. Since the beginning of the manga, the author shows us how horrible of a father, Shoto’s dad is. He is authoritarian, obsessive, and he even pushed his wife into depression. When it comes to writing a story, the mangaka is second to none this character.

Endeavor is like any person in real life: full of flaws. And as in life, he grows through his experiences, his mistakes, his achievements and his encounters. This is Hirokoshi’s talent to create complex and interesting characters and especially not Manichean: a good development to keep it simple. In this episode, he is finally in that spot his had been dreaming of for so long, that of number 1. But succeeding All Might as the new symbol of peace is far from being a sinecure. He, who has been obsessed with this ranking all his life, realized thanks to his son Shoto and All Might that he was on the wrong path, and that he had to change, to evolve.

On the road to redemption, he faces a nomu of unparalleled power and with a personality that sends him back to what he was, to what he could have become. If he wants to move forward, he must face his past. 

Grand finale of this last season, a 5th to be announced now and, given the post-generic scene we were shown, it’s a good bet that we’ll learn more about One for All, as well as the previous shows.

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