One Piece chap. 976: Allow me to introduce myself/ Eng. Review

 Scantrad: One Piece chap. 976 link.

Kinemon understood absolutely nothing

Kinemon didn’t plan this. All the Red Scabbards, except for Denjiro, realized it. But don’t worry, even if it’s just luck, it’s okay, because they’re ready to risk their lives. 

Sitting on the crane he has just made, Kanjuro draws a huge black cloud that makes arrows rain down.

For now, Momonosuke is still in Kanjuro’s hands, and Kanjuro is getting ready to escape. Kawamatsu rushes at the traitor to stop him, but the deceitful man had planned it by drawing a beautiful crane to escape  and, in the process, he drew a cloud of ink raining down drops in the shape of arrows. This man has kept the extent of his power well hidden from everyone!

It’ s a promise, Luffy will save his life…

Seeing the position in which his kidnapping has put the rebellion, Momonosuke shouts to everyone that he will get out of it alone and that they should not lose sight of their primary objectives: defeat Kaido and Orochi! A  » manly  » behavior for Luffy who shouts back that he has to survive, because he will definitely come to save him!

The cannons made in Wano allow them to fire without fear of being hit in turn.

Then, the course is set for Onigashima. Of Kaido’s three warships that were there, only one remains. Turning back, everyone thought he was running away. But he had just put himself at a safe distance to protect himself from the rebel fire and armed with Wano-made super cannons, began to sink the coalition ships.

A strange attack from the sea drilled through Kaido’s boat

A position that puts Luffy’s allies at a great disadvantage, as they find themselves losing ships and being unable to prevent this. But, coming out of nowhere and destroying Kaido’s last warship, Jinbe, the paladin of the seas, keeps his promise made in Wholecake Island to his captain and joins the Mugiwaras, in front of Kid and Law’s dumbfounded gaze!

Jinbe finally joins the Mugiwara.

A pretty good chapter overall.We’ll remember that Kinemon misunderstood the coded message and that Kanjuro hid the extent of his powers from his former partners.  Importantly, Momonosuke’s character has evolved, gaining in prestige and courage, as Luffy had advised him to do, which he didn’t fail to approve of. This character is beginning to gain depth and may become very interesting in the future. And for the highlight of the show, the final twist of this chapter: the return of Jinbe! The Mugiwaras’ crew is finally complete, and with this arrival, it positions itself, without a doubt, as the most formidable pirate group of the three gathered, which is confirmed by the disbelief of Kid and Law. Next week, we’ll probably get a little flashback from the forme Warlord on « how he escaped from Big Mom ».

Scantrad: One Piece chap. 976 link.

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