One Piece 975: Kinemon’s Plan! /Eng. Review

One Piece 975: Kinemon’s Plan! /Chapter link/scantrad

Kanjuro can’t believe it!

Shinobu is tied up on the bank by Kanjuro’s snakes, and Kanjuro stumbles at the sight of the crews of Luffy, Law and Kid. He can’t believe his eyes! The Sunny should have been destroyed, as for Law, wasn’t he supposed to be in jail?!! 

Orochi’s men thought they could destroy the Sunny…

The reason why the Mugiwara took so long to come, was not because of any damage sustained by the boat ( few things can damage it), but rather because they had to patch up the sails. But it’s no surprise to see none of the reinforcements planned! Kinemon explained to them that a traitor has spread the whole plan to Orochi.

An alliance between yonko !!!

Which is confirmed by the Kaido soldiers who do not stop there in the confidences since they announce the beginning of an alliance between their captain and Big Mom. They also threaten to sink the ships of the three Corsairs of the Worst Generation, expecting that they would be kind enough to let them. 

Like in Sabaody, but this time it’s against Kaido’s men!

The three captains jumped onto one of the ships, and in an uncombined attack, destroyed it. All while quarrelling. The Yonko’s men began to panic when a familiar boat entered the scene. Kyoshiro Yakuza’s boat! But, against all expectations from them, the leader of the underworld didn’t take care of the three young pirates. Instead, he destroyed the cannons of one of Kaido’s ships.

Kyoshiro/Denjiro Gets Rid of One of Kaido’s Boats

Then Kyoshiro addressed the Red Scabbards. He told them that he and his men would join the rebellion and confessed to them that he was Denjiro by telling them who were the real culprits in the « incident of the mountain god ». He then explains why he kept his identity hidden and that he freed the thousand samurai who were locked up in Rasetsu. That’s 1200 more men. 

Denjiro is bringing 1200 men with him!

Denjiro also congratulated Kinemon for his plan about the gathering place. Sir Yasui had, at the cost of his life, changed the meeting point by adding two bars to the snake, turning Habu’s port into Hato. But, knowing that there was an informant, he spread the word that the meeting place would be Tokage Port. And Oroshi’s spy fell into the trap.

Denjiro explique le plan de Kinemon

Orochi, believing he anticipated, didn’t knew that the rebels had already moved ahead. So the fact that he had destroyed the country’s bridges and the ships in the port of Tokage, had been useless. There were no casualties to report, and if we add the newcomers, the total number of insurgents rose to 5400 men… What a strategist is Kinemon… well… not quite, because it turns out that he just learned that Sir Yasui’s drawing should be read as « Hato » and not « Tokage »!

Kinemon understands that he got the message wrong…

A pleasant chapter, but one that lacks the tension and excitement of 974. That said, that was not its purpose, as it served as an explanatory note to the readers of what really happened and thus understand why everyone is safe and sound. The chapter also reinstates a dynamic between the three captains of the worst generation, Luffy, Law and Kid, a kind of fan service, reminiscent of their first encounters on the island of Sabaody and their confrontation with the navy. As readers, it is always pleasant to read it, but it shouldn’t last, because it would mean that our characters have not evolved. 

No chapter next week. Back in two weeks for the beginning of the raid on Onigashima.

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