One Piece 924 : « The Capital in an Uproar! Another Assassin Targets Sanji! »/ Eng. Review

Kaido’s cannons can’t stop Big Mom’s ship.

The reception in Orochi Castle goes well. While the shogun is having a good time, Kaido and his troops are going crazy at the idea of seeing the pirate Big Mom and a concentrated crew landing in Wano. The cannons stationed on the road of her ship are ineffective. King decides to take care of the problem. The possessor of the Pteranodon demon fruit succeeds in a coup de force by making the yonko fall into a whirlpool and capsizes his ship.  

Only King will succeed in repelling the Yonko…

Meanwhile, in the capital, Page One, the Tobi Roppo with the fruit of the spinosaurus, is rampaging through Soba restaurants in search of the rebellious Sangoro. The latter is fleeing with Law, Franosuke and Uso-hachi: they must not be recognized. The only problem is that Sanji is unable to ignore calls for help. Coming out of nowhere, he throws a  » Concassé  » at the dinosaur. Asking his companions to leave without him, Law worries that X Drake and Hawkins may identify him and undermine their secret plan. But the cook quickly reassures him that there is no risk of that, as he intends to use his Raid Suit!

« Concassé » in Page One’s head.

So what about this episode? Apart from the small passage with Luffy and Raizo (not really useful to the story) the plot development was dynamic. We learned what King’s demon fruit was and we could see him in action. The character has a lot of flow.  

Another interesting moment is the tribute to the cult, « Jurassic Park » by Steven Spielberg. This succession of moments like: the soba seller who notices waves forming in his cup of tea. Or the trace of the dinosaur’s paw left in the mud, the reptile’s shadow on the sliding door and the focus on Page One’s eye through the opening. All this was inspired by the tyrannosaurus attack on the jeeps in the movie.

Scenes based on « Jurassic Park. »
The « Jurassic Park » influence.

And since not everything could be perfect, a very personal criticism on the character design of Page One’s dinosaur design. The result is far below Oda’s drawings, in that it looks more cartoonish and ridiculous. This gives it a less terrifying aspect than in the manga. 

The same scene in the anime and in the manga. The anime version is more childish.

On the whole, the episode is rather good with an end that lets us salivate.

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