One Piece Chap. 974: « Onigashima, Here We Come » / Eng. Review

One Piece Chap. 974: « Onigashima, Here We Come » (French)/ Link

A few months before D-Day, Komurasaki continues to rob the rich and lawless inhabitants of Wano. Wealth that she hastens to give to Ushimitsu (Denjuro). Meanwhile, Kaido and Orochi have a private tête-à-tête. A letter from the traitor has just reached the shogun, informing him that Toki’s prophecy was true. He explains to Kaido that this spy is a descendant of the Kurozumi, whose family has been decimated and who gladly accepts to serve Orochi. This man is crazy and doesn’t care about his own life.

That’s how Orochi managed to acquire the services of a traitor…

Back to the day of the final battle. The Red Scabbards decide to take a frail boat to join Onigashima. They are desperate not to see any of the 4200 people who were supposed to help them. They left Momonosuke behind in Shinobu’s care. But on the boat, the tone rises between Kinemon and Kiku. The latter wants to unmask the traitor, because, now they are sure, he is one of them.

Kiku wants to unmask the traitor at all costs…

And what a surprise when Kanjuro speaks up and announces that he’s Orchi’s mole.   Having lost his heart as a child, he’s now looking for a place to die. Revealing to everyone his true identity, he reveals to his former companions that he is the one behind all the failures that happened to them.  

It was Kanjuro all along.

While Kanjuro shows its true face, some of Kaido boats make their appearance. They plan to finish off the Red Scabbards! Kinemon, in a moment of rage, throws himself at the traitor and chops off his head. But it was a waste of time, because what he cut off was nothing but a drawing of the fake brother! He lied to them about his real drawing skills! The real Kanjuro captured Momonosuke on the beach and is determined to hand him over to the shogun. 

Kanjuro has just captured Momonosuke.

Then a cannon shot coming from the right hits Kaido’s fleet, a submarine emerges from the waters taking with it the little Red Scabbard’s boat and another cannon shot hits the fleet on the left! The stupor finally changes sides. A familiar face resurfaces and he is not alone. Luffy, Law and Kid are there to fight and the 4200 rebels have not been destroyed. The counterattack can begin.

Kid, Luffy and Law enter the show…

What a chapter! We FINALLY learn who this traitor bastard is, the one who sabotaged all the plans that have been made so far: Kanjuro! This descendant of the Kurozumi, who has lost his heart and his reason of existence, is now nothing but madness. Death doesn’t scare him, on the contrary. He was the shogun’s most faithful ally and the Kozuki’s enemy and now we know who he is. Bad luck for him, something unexpected happens: the worst generation (Luffy, Law and Kid) and the 4200 rebels are still out there somewhere, waiting patiently and more than ever ready to fight. The final battle begins, it’s time for the Ninjas-Pirates-Minks-Samurai alliance to attack.

So the great revelation of this chapter is the name of the traitor. Well, we suspected it, but it’s always nice to see an intuition come true. Another small scene caught my attention, the one where Kaido asks Orochi not to kill the Red Scabbards because he has a question to ask them. What can it be?

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