Zipman chap.07 : Versus Woman Warrior / Eng. Review

Zipman chap.07 : link

Zipman is in the house… but his opponents have disappeared. Well, not all of them. A woman in a sexy armor and carrying a black box as a backpack blocks the way of the two brothers. And from this box, she takes out a giant axe with which she blocks the hole in the wall that has just been made, blocking the only way out of the building.

That’s what you call an axe.

A screen appears and the Ziphead Chief shows to our heroes that he is holding Cheena hostage. He offers them a deal to get her back: beat the bosses of each floor. So they will be able to deliver their « princess » and, as a bonus, he will tell them where the President is.

The evil Ziphead is holding Cheena hostage…

The fight begins. The woman warrior has, thanks to her black box, the ability to create all kinds of weapons. She brags to Zipman that what makes a Ziphead valuable is not the costume, but the skills of its user.

She can print everything thanks to this black box!

Bad luck for her, Kaname is second to none in terms of physical aptitude and skill. So when she thinks she’s going to finish him off with her gigantic sword, she is surprised to see him stop the blow with his bare hands and break the weapon. Zipman then counterattacks with the broken piece of blade and defeats the female warrior.

One Down

NEXT…!! Down one boss.  

An excellent chapter, following on the previous ones. The arc starts well. Its dynamic, the drawings are beautiful and the characters charismatic. Zipman has everything to become one of the next pillars of the Weekly Shonen Jump. A manga to follow with great interest and attention.

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