One Piece Chap. 973: « The Kozuki Lineage » / Eng. Review

Link to the Chap. 973: « The Kozuki Lineage » / in French

With Oden dead, only his memories remain. Those of the time when he traveled with his family on Roger’s boat, discussions with his samurai on various subjects such as the alliance with the minks or the reason for the jump into the future of his wife Toki.

The minks will be valuable allies

The daïmio has disappeared and his Red Scabbards are on the run, heading to Kuri to help the lord’s relatives. The pursuers are tenacious, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, Denjiro and Ashura remain behind. The others reach the castle, which is on fire. Kaido left Momonosuke, his mother and sister there to die by burning alive.

Denjiro and Ashura take care of the pursuers…

This is when Toki sends the heir to the throne, his son, along with Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo and Kikunojo, 20 years into the future. Hiori is entrusted to the protection of Kawamatsu. When this is done, the traveler from the past flees from the burning ruins on horseback and declaims a premonitory poem to the assembled crowd before being killed.

Toki declaims her prediction to the people…

Meanwhile, Denjiro is crying in rage over the events that have just taken place. The shock is such that when he decides to come out of his hideout, his hair has turned white. Wandering around the capital, he quickly makes a name for himself, as Kyoshiro, the new boss of the yakuzas.

Denjiro, now Kyoshiro, becomes the new boss of the yakuzas.

Totally unrecognizable, Oroshi makes him his bodyguard. Godfather by day and by night, he operates under another name: Ushimitsu, the people’s thief and benefactor. It is because of this double life, which tires him a lot, that Kyoshiro is nicknamed « Dozing ».

And he’s also Ushimitsu by night!

Kawamatsu having been separated from Hiori, she became the protégé of the yakuza chief, under the name of Komurasaki. Moved to see his master’s daughter alive again, he makes her promise not to reveal his true identity to the other Red Scabbards until the day of the final battle.

New protector of Hiori, Denjiro turned her into the courtesan « Komurasaki ».

A chapter which, in terms of emotion, is not worth 972, but which has its share of revelation and answers to questions that we have been asking ourselves for quite some time. So, Oden subtly prepared his after death, between the instructions given to his samurai and the education of his children. We learn, « at last », why Inuarashi and Nekomamushi hate each other so much, the former blaming the latter for the death of the daimio. We see that Kaido did not want to downgrade himself to kill Momonosuke, not considering him worthy of his father. 

But the two biggest revelations of the chapter are that Toki traveled into the future in the hope of finding Joy Boy’s heir and, before Oden’s return from Laugh Tale, she could not know the exact date. In the meantime, she fell in love with the lord of Kuri, and did not want to leave him. The second news, and we suspected it a little, is that Denjiro is Kyoshiro, that he managed to infiltrate as a close relative of Oroshi, that he protected and took care of the little Hiori when she was separated from Kawamatsu and it was him who made her into the Komurasaki courtesan. But, what we didn’t imagine was that, in addition to being Kyoshiro, the new chief of the yakuzas, Denjiro was also the Robin Hood of Wano: Ushimitsu.

It’s the end of Oden’s flashback. Next time we’ll be back to the present days.

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