One Piece chap. 972 :  » I am Oden, and I was born to boil « / Eng. Review

(One Piece, a free manga on Manga Plus.)  

Shinobu is ready to die for his lord!

After revealing the truth about Oden’s actions to the population, Shinobu is surrounded by the oniwabans. No more doubt for the inhabitants of Wa country, the kunoishi’s words are true! They then run to the tortured man to apologize. To the great displeasure of his samurai, Oden forgives them very quickly.

Oden holds no grudge!

Knowing that he is about to die, the daïmio confides in his Red Scabbards. If Wa’s country is cut off from the world, it’s because of the Kozuki clan. Or rather, thanks to him, because by doing so, they protected the island from a « gigantic power » (world government?). In 20 years, an chosen one will appear, when the time comes, wano will have to help him, that’s why the island must come out of its isolationism.

Oden wants his samurai to pursue his dream.

The Red Scabbards swear to their master that his dream is theirs now. The minutes pass, the heat intensifies, but Oden does not flinch. Demonstrating his strength and determination, the daimio wins his battle by holding an hour in boiling oil.

Oden lasted an hour in boiling oil!

But Orochi doesn’t intend to let his prisoners escape and changes the sentence into a platoon execution. Oden throws all his samurai out of the pot. They leave immediately running towards the castle of Kuri, with tears in their eyes, without a glance for their master and lord.

Les Fourreaux Rouges partent pour Kuri les larmes aux yeux.

In a final gesture of respect towards this opponent who could have beaten him, Kaido decides to shorten his suffering. And as a final farewell, he apologizes for the old lady who helped him defeat him and tells him that he had her killed. Oden thanks him and wishes him to become as strong as he can, then throws a shot in the face, « I’m Oden, and I was born…   », and the people of Wa finish his sentence,  » … to boil  » !!!!

Meanwhile, at Kuri Castle. Toki is about to use her power. In Oden’s last letter, he explains that if he cannot defeat Kaido, no one will be able to do it. But that in 20 years from now, a great war will break out, and those who will provoke it will be the ones who can defeat Kaido. So he is counting on her.

Oden is counting on Toki for the rest!

Oden Kozuki’s final coup. Chapter 972 showed us the panache-filled ending of the Samurai who was second in command to Whitebeard, the member and friend of the pirate king Gol D. Roger. Who knows what the One Piece is. And in these pages we understand several things, all related to the mythical treasure. It is not only physical, it is also immaterial, that is to say that in addition to the concrete wealth of Joy Boy, there would be, in addition, the history of the forgotten century (which we suspected until now) and especially a prophecy about a battle that will take place at a certain date and that will shake up the balance of the world. It will announce the arrival of Joy Boy’s heir, the arrival of the one who will change everything and who will be able to beat Kaido. 

These revelations from Sire Oden, indirectly, may also say that the One Piece will be activated for this war by this heir. So, is the One Piece a weapon left behind by Joy Boy to solve a problem he created (or at least helped to create) during the forgotten century that established the domination of the world government and the celestial dragons over the world. A way for him to apologize for the evil he caused.

Well, this is all speculation, the truth will come with the future chapters.

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