My Hero Academia ep. 18: School Festival / Eng. Review

It’s almost school festival season and U-A is no exception. Every class has to prepare something and the class 1-A can’t agree on what they should do. Aizawa gives them 24 hours to decide otherwise he will impose a public class.

If they don’t come up with an idea, it’ll be a public lesson…

In the evening, gathered in the common room of the residential school, the students don’t know what to do apart from making everyone smile. The big idea came out of Todoroki: why don’t they just play music and perform dances? By the way, Kyoka has all the instruments to create a band and Mina will be able to teach dance steps! That’s what the class 1-A is going to do.

What kind of catch-up course did they have to do to get Todoroki to come up with this idea?

As for Eri, she’s doing better. Her horn has shrunk, the risk of her losing control of her power again has decreased drastically. Mirio and Izuku visit her at her request. She wanted to apologize for the suffering she believes she has imposed on her saviours. Our two heroes explain to her that they are happy that she is safe, that no one is sad and that they all fought to see her smile.

Eri doesn’t have to apologize, especially not to « Lemillion. »

Smile, though, she doesn’t know what it is. Deku realizes that the hold Overhaul had on her hasn’t completely disappeared. He then has the idea of inviting her to the festival organized by his school. Perhaps the festive event will succeed in provoking something in her.

Eri will be able to taste the « candy apples » during the U-A festival.

Meanwhile, in the city, police are in pursuit of a robbery duo, Gentle and La Brava, who don’t care about money. They film each other during their crimes and then share it on the internet to gain popularity. Now something here suggests that their next move will be U-A’s party.

What do Gentle and La Brava really want?

An interesting episode, because it’s the beginning of a mini arc for the season’s end. It introduces us to the protagonists and the ins and outs of the arc. So we have the hero, Deku (OK I know it’s always the case, but what I mean is that we don’t risk seeing the action focus on other students). We have the A goal, which is to create a performance for the school festival, which is the framework in which the events will take place, and the B goal, the main one, which is the hero’s mission, which is to make Eri smile. And finally, we also meet those who are going to be the disruptive elements, who will be the test the hero will have to overcome to succeed in his quest, and who are the duo Gentle and La Brava. All the ingredients are there, we just have to wait and see what happens. 

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