One Piece chap. 971: the ordeal of the pot / Eng. Review

Chap. 971/scantrad

Oden’s proposition

While Toki, Hiori and Momonosuke are trying to look presentable despite the drama, Oden and his Red Scabbards face their ordeal: a giant pot of boiling oil! In a last attempt to save his people, Oden offers a deal to Kaido and Orochi: he will enter this pot with his men and they will endure the pain for a while, the survivors will be released.

– Bon appetite, Sir Momonosuke, Lady Hiyori… – Mother… it’s true… that today… father will… – Big brother?

If this idea doesn’t please Orochi, it amuses Kaido. The latter asks them to hold one hour! Lord Kozuki then enters the boiling oil and, with the help of a wooden board, carries his nine Red Scabbards at arm’s length.

All ten of us are going to go into that pot. But free those who survive… As long as you decide !!!

On the public side, it’s a fairground for derogatory and demeaning comments about the « stupid lord ». Shinobu, who is part of the crowd, decides to tell the truth to everyone, irritated by what she hears.

Messire Oden!!!!

We learn that the only thing Orochi is looking for is to destroy the country, to take revenge on the people who persecuted the Kurosumi family so much. During this famous occasion five years ago when Oden had left to settle the account with the false shogun, he learned the truth and saw that some inhabitants were kidnapped and then offered as gifts to the Yunko.

You’re the stupid ones !!!

To save them, Orochi proposed to Oden to stop his attack and to win back these prisoners by dancing naked every week as an apology to the Kurosumi clan. Thus, for five years, without anyone knowing anything about it, he continued to protect Wano by accepting humiliation with dignity.

Sire Oden has continued to protect this country !!! So… who’s a  » Stupid Lord »?! Just say it and see !!!

What a chapter! We finally know the « why » of Oden’s strange behavior and, once again, of his greatness! There is something biblical, something martyr-like about this character. He sacrifices himself to redeem others.We’re almost at the end of the flashback, which means we still have the attack on the castle and the escape from the Red Sleeves with Momonosuke. Plus we still don’t know who the traitor is. But in the end, one thing is certain: Oden Kozuki is entering the pantheon of One Piece’s illustrious characters.

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