ZipMan !! chap.06: The Indestructible Dragungarde / Eng. Review

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While a student was sweeping the courtyard, a giant zipper snapped off, transforming the main building into a seemingly indestructible robotic fortress and trapping high school students inside. The culprits are none other than four members of the ZipDown.

A robotic fortress

The leader of the four is none other than a ZipHead. He explains to the imprisoned students that they are going to participate in a role-playing game for which they will all have to play a character. Some of them will have to play the monsters that the ZipHead will have to exterminate. His goal: to create a world of heroes!  

The ZipHead is extremely powerful!

Outside the fortress, police are trying to enter the building. But this seems impossible, besides the walls and doors that they cannot damage, there are also robot guards who are there to protect the building. The whole thing is indestructible, according to the ZipHead. But that was without counting on Zipman making a smashing entrance, decided to stop these members of ZipDown.

ZipMan enters the stage!!

A good chapter where we begin to see the birth of an interesting universe, with an evil organization made up of wacky, powerful and stylish members. The author, with these few pages, creates a charismatic hero by setting up, at first, villains who take high school students hostage in a fortress that is supposed to be indestructible, impenetrable and wishing to set up a morbid game so that he can make a saving hero entrance. All of this is supported by a superb drawing, including this double page 18-19, which sees Zipman enter the scene, imposing, reassuring and sure of himself, with, in the background, the carcasses of robot guards that he has just knocked down and a wall of this fortress, supposedly indestructible, completely blown up!

Zipman ! a manga by Yusaku Shibata to read for free on Manga Plus.

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