Zipman !! chap. 05 : Operation: Angel-Gorilla/ Eng. Review

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That’s a weird backpack!

Kaname and Kyoshiro need to gather information in order to get their hands on this soul-transferring machine. But in order to avoid any suspicion, Kaname shouldn’t be absent from school.  So the « demon gorilla » found THE solution to keep his armoured brother with him… just in case: pretending he’s his new backpack.  

A backpack?!!

Au lycée, le bruit court que Magara aurait été vu en train de parler avec « cosplayer-fantome ». L’occasion rêvée de rassembler des renseignements pour nos deux héros. Seul souci à l’horizon… tout le monde à l’école a peur de Kaname ! 

Everyone at school is scared of Kaname…

Luckily for him, his little brother came up with a plan to solve their problem that he named: Operation Gorilla Angel! The goal is to approach the person in an indirect way, then mimic the person to create a bond that will make it easy to start a conversation.

Kaname tries to mimic Madara

Too bad for them, Kaname is clumsy and way too direct. While Kyoshiro is about to throw in the towel, his older brother dissuades him from doing so, because he has noticed one thing about this girl: she’s a fan of the group Unagizaka 49, whose song was the theme of one of Jackman’s films.

Now, the Kaname method

That’ s how he starts singing this song after school to get her attention. For Magara, a boy who likes the same group as her cannot be a bad person, so she agrees to talk to him. She told him that it was the « cosplayer-fantom » who approached her and who told her that she was as great as her idol. Therefore, if she wanted to, she could join his club: The ZipDown!


A simple, yet pleasantly written chapter. Not much to say about it except that we feel we’re starting an arc where we’re going to be introduced to new characters, like here with Magara, and more importantly learn more about the enemy’s organization. Can’t wait for the next release.

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