My Hero Academia chap.253 : Shirakumo / Eng. Review

(chapter’s scan)

There are only three months left before the end of the school year, and their internship has just ended. Now the U.A. students have to do a report. To do so, they have to put on their hero outfits and be on the sports field.

Mina Ashido realizes that this doll is the one that Midoriya gave to Ochaco

The girls tease Ochaco for having kept a little All Might doll that Deku gave him as a present. As for the latter, in the boys’ dressing room, he explains to his classmates how he managed to partially master his new Qirk. Dressed and ready to make their reports, they notice that Mr. Aizawa has been replaced by All Might, because he had something important to do.

Deku explains the control of his new Qirk to his comrades

Accompanied by Hizashi Yamada, EraserHead (who is very nervous) joined Gran Torino in a prison. Until then, the Noumus were considered as bodies that could accumulate several Qirks but, above all, without brain or heart, and who could only act under the control of a third person.

Mr. Aizawa doesn’t seem to be very comfortable

The reason the two professional heroes made the visit to the prison is that one of this captured creatures is behaving normally and can hold conversations, as long as it doesn’t involve the League of Villains. And in the list of Qirks he possesses, there is one which was owned by Oboro Shirakumo, a former U.A. classmate of Aizawa’s who died young!

Is this noumu the friend aizawl knew in U.A.?

A good chapter that announces the beginnings of a new arc. A story that will surely take us back in time and show us a little more about the teachers’ past. And, who knows, maybe Aizawa will be the main character in it. 

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