ZipMan Chap. 04 : You and I are ZipMan/ Eng. Review

Zipman!! for free on Manga Plus of Shueisha.

Cutie Charm is open and what a surprise to see that the person inside is a handsome boy. We thus learn that this armor was given to him by a strange man, that an organization exists, that it is composed of many other Zipheads, that there is a hierarchy in it, and that Jackman was part of it!  Moreover, the president of this group supposedly possesses a technology that allows you to transfer a soul from a body to a machine and vice versa.   

A handsome young man appears!

As the police make their appearance and before they leave with Cutie Charm’s armor, Kaname explains to the boy inside the robot that he mustn’t waste his efforts! His poses and his impersonation of the character were good, but he betrayed it by using violence on an innocent girl. At that moment, he was no longer Cutie Charm, but rather his antagonist: Dark Cutie!

Kaname shows him the right path

On the way back, Kyoshiro is worried. According to the information they just got, there are other enemies. Unlike his brother, Kaname is rather smiling: there’s a machine to transfer souls! Which also means that he doesn’t intend to let him face this organization alone. He’s going to get his brother body back and make Cheena smile again.

They have a goal now

But there’s still one small problem to be solved: Jackman is a licensed name, they can’t use it. So they need a new one! One that’s cool and represents the idea of two people in one… from now on, they’ll be Zipman!  

New name: Zipman !

Meanwhile, the two fights of our heroes were watched by members of the enemy organization. And it looks like one of the Zipheads has a crush on Cheena and is planning to enlist her in order to get revenge on the traitor Jackman.

Cheena has a new fan!

An interesting chapter in which we are given an objective to reach and opponents to fight against. We finally have all the ingredients for an adventure: two heroes who are at war with each other, but who will have to learn how to work together to overcome the obstacles created by enemies in order to get their hands on the technology that will allow Kyoshiro’s soul to be transferred back into his body and thus put a smile back on the « princess » represented here by Cheena.

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