Vinland Saga ep. 23 : Miscalculation / Eng. Review

This is the time for doubts…

Leif doesn’t intend to give up on Thorfinn…

Following his duel with Askeladd, Thorfinn wanders like a grieving soul. Put in the dungeon after provoking a fight, his moral is down when Leif Erikson came to visit him. He insistes on keeping his promise to Thors and therefore tries to convince him to leave with him, to flee this absurd world of « wars » for a land free of all that, as his father wanted.

Askeladd is frozen by the king’s announcement…

Meanwhile, Prince Canute, Thorkell and Askeladd, confident in their strategy, took part in the imperial council. In a speech about the aftermath of the military campaign, the king announced an invasion of Wales for the coming year. The information momentarily freezes our strategist, which did not escape Floki who immediately reported it to the monarch.

Askeladd confesses to Thorkell his origins

At the mention of an attack on Wales, Thorkell recalls that his new companion had taken refuge there when he pursued him. While the king rewards those who have performed brave acts on the battlefield, Askeladd confesses to the blond giant his origins and his attachment to this land and asks him not to tell anyone about it. Then they called his name: it’s his turn to kneel in front of the rulers and to see how they’re going to reward him. 

How will Askeladd be rewarded?

An episode a little less exhilarating than the previous ones, but just as interesting. Our two main characters are confused. Thorfinn, imprisoned, doesn’t know what to do anymore, he who is haunted by Askeladd. As for the latter, he witnesses the announcement signing the destruction of the only thing he seems to be ready to die for: the country his mother cherished! It will be interesting to see what strategy Askeladd can come up with to save Wales, especially now that King Swein knows that he is connected to it in some way. For Thorfinn, the story is different. Will he have the courage to leave behind him the vengeance his father never wanted to follow Leif to this Vinland free of violence?

Vinland Saga a simulcast anime on AmazonVideo.  

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