One Piece ep.915: « Destructive! One Shot, One Kill – Thunder Bagua! »/ Eng. Review

« There’s no worse water than sleeping water! »

Luffy is mad as hell!

We pick up where we left off in the previous episode. Luffy is still in a mad rage and doesn’t stop pounding Kaido in his dragon form by combining attacks in Gear 2d and Gear 3rd. He ends up sending the monster to the ground with a Grizzly Magnum in his face.

Grizzly Magnum

Returning to his human form, the younko doesn’t seem a bit affected by straw hat’s attacks. The latter, blinded by anger, goes Gear 4th Boundman : Kong Gun, Double Curveline, Kong Organ. All of his most powerful attacks ! But his opponent takes it all as if it was nothing. That’s when Luffy delivers his last shot, the one that ended Doflamingo: the King Kong Gun. At the same time, Kaido throws him a Thunder Bagua (that is to say, a home run in the face)… one-shot. Luffy gets blown up! K-O ! Move, there is nothing more to see !

Thunder Bagua

Everybody’s astonished. Law tried to help Mugiwara, but Hawkins was there to stop him. Armed with Kairōseki nails, Trafalgar was only able to escape. Eyes rolling, but his fighting spirit sharpened, Luffy lies with a bleeding face at the foot of the emperor. The latter concludes this meeting with this sentence: « You pretended to become the king of what, kid !  »


With an incredible animation, and a crazy ost, Tohei really spoiled us. But, for someone who’s read the Oda’s chapter , one can’t completely be satisfied. In the paper version, Kaido doesn’t let Luffy get as excited as in the anime and quickly wrecks him, demonstrating his power, but more importantly, showing us, the difference in level between a so-called 5th younko and a real one. Moreover, although pleasing to watch, the action was far too dragon ballish in terms of choreography and sound effects. But hey, let’s not be too mean with the production, they do what they can to not catch up with the manga. And they accustomed us to so much worse, that we can only be happy with the quality that this new arc has taken us.

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